MACROMEA by Alana Biffert & Marta Gorski

Alana Biffert and Marta Gorski: MACROMEA
The Main Gallery . February 1 – March 17, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 1st, from 7 – 10pm
Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, 3rd floor, 10215 – 112 St, Edmonton

Frequently, we offer a perspective of ourselves that is a manufactured version of how we imagine others see us. We allow others to view us through strategically placed lenses: to demonstrate our charisma, our sexuality, our strengths. These offer a satisfying view but, in fact, are a barrier dividing the viewer from the reality of who we are. Rare viewers, who invest deeper and are willing to explore the spaces between, will see vulnerability unavailable to most. This work is about interacting with each other in the most intimate context.

Alana Biffert and Marta Gorski have been close from a young age, well protected by their personal experiences, utilized this opportunity for collaboration to dig deeper into their own relationships, both with each other and those around them. This exploration was an experiment into how we, as a society, allow others to view us, what our true nature is, and when and where we open ourselves to others. How long can you know someone before they truly expose themselves to you?

Alana and Marta have a strong focus in their working surrounding the idea of relationships and interaction. They consider the consequence of intimacy and the impact relationships leave on the psyche. Peoples ability to perceive the truth of their interactions relies heavily on their own self awareness and their understanding of both a macro view and a larger overview of themselves and those around them. This exhibition is a challenge to the audience to take their time and investigate what they see and what they do not, assisting the viewer in gaining the insight needed to grasp these personal realizations.


Artist Biography

Marta Gorski has used the human figure as a staple of her work from the early stages. Inspired by landscapes in both nature and the body, Marta uses various process to create concept driven installations. Her work has always been motivated by the tumultuous balance of social sexuality. She is drawn by peoples’ ability to look so closely at a scene that they have entered the macro images of it, playing a roll in personal exploration, however, this deepest view reduces people’s ability to understand the outcome of their actions. For those who are lost in the narrowness of the image, Marta’s work is aimed to assist in the process of exploring personal and public sexuality.

Marta Gorski is a Canadian-born installation artist, currently living in Oakland, California. Marta has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with a Focus in Glass, and a Master of Business Administration. She is building a consulting business that supports international artists with operations management. Marta continues to create concept driven installations that explore themes of empathy. In the fall of 2017 Marta and Alana collaborated with a group of engineers, new media artists, and scientist to create an interactive public art piece for Beakerhead festival in Calgary.


Alana Biffert is a Canadian born artist, who was raised in Malta. Alana is a Bachelor of Fine Art with a focus in Glass, and continues to teach glass studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design and Okotoks hot glass studio. She has worked as a instructor, studio glass blower and technician at Red Deer College and in several studios internationally during travels to Oceana in 2010. Alana has recently begun several glass product lines, as well as residential commissions in Alberta. She is set to travel to New York and Europe for conferences and workshops throughout 2018.

Alana Biffert focuses her energy on concept driven, large-scale installations; her works surround the permanent impressions left by personal and intimate interactions with others. Alana’s work contextualizes the deterioration of what once was and impresses on her audience the impact of instability, discomfort and uncertainty. Alana is drawn to glass as a medium because of it’s dancer like qualities, having studies various forms of movement from a young age, Alana now is inspired by the unique reactions people have when they encounter others both physically and emotionally.



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