yoga + harcourt house


yoga & harcourt house

Hello friends, as you may or may not be aware Harcourt House has been recently working on the idea of having yoga classes in the gallery.
We love collaboration and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine art and creativity with relaxation. We are still at the early stages
of planning but would like to get some feedback on what would be best for the Harcourt House community and Edmonton community
at large.

As of now we like the idea of having classes Monday nights around 7:30-8:30 pm and shorter classes Wednesday afternoons.
Please email us if you like these dates or have other dates you think would work better.

We would like to start classes as early as the first week of July so the quicker we can gather some feedback the better!

As a perk, classes would be only $10 and we would be able to provide water to participants (yoga mats at this time will not be provided).

We are open to ideas for music  and “twists” on normal yoga practices so again, email us with any suggestions pertaining to that!

Hope to hear from you soon!