Tailgate Party: August 22nd

IMG_4564 copy newsletter tailgateTailgating, a pastime that usually occurs before American Football games, combines food, beer, music, and the back of one or more trucks. The mysterious origin of the tailgate party is not known definitively. There are, however, numerous theories. One of such dates the first tailgate party to 1869. Anticipation built for Princeton versus Rutgers, the first college football game. Fans clothed in the colours of their teams brought food for each other and for the players. The “tail” in “tailgate” is attributed to the fact that sausages were grilled on the tail-end of a horse.

But tailgating may date back even further to 1861. According to the American Tailgaters Association, who are surely an authority on the matter, the first tailgate party preceded not a football game, but a battle: The First Battle of Bull Run. Although technology had not yet led to the trucks that have become a core element of tailgating, the participants did have wagons. Civilians loaded up with food and booze and set up at the battlefield.

Now Harcourt House builds on this rich history with its very own tailgate party. Join us on August 22nd any time between 4:00 and 7:30pm for beer, music, and snacks.