Scott Bertram

Distance. Motion. Moment.
by Scott Bertram

The Main Gallery, January 10 – February 22, 2020
Opening Reception: Friday, January 10, from 7 pm – 10 pm
Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, 3rd floor, 10215 – 112 St, Edmonton

My painting practice is an exploration into the possibilities of improvisation and ambiguity. I deliberately obstruct the pull towards a predetermined final image; instead I submerge myself in contemplation of uncertainty

I begin my work by focusing on materials and process. I purposefully use a variety of tools and methods that I don’t have complete control over in order to create an initial image that contains openness and indeterminacy. Once I have an image that is simple and yet dense, I populate it with abstract elements to open up deeper associative possibilities and to position the image just outside the reach of reason.

I am interested in the moment between perception and recognition – just before I can put a name to what I see. Improvisation is the primary way that I access this state and subvert the naming process that might otherwise secure an experience in a state of stasis.

My work plays with our mind’s natural biological function to perceive, catalogue, and create meaning from a stimulus. In a final painting, I am looking to have created enough perceptual cues to suggest that there might be something solid to identify, even if it remains elusive and it’s cause cannot be determined.

Ultimately I’m looking to extend the sensory experience that occurs between the initial encounter of an image, and the naming of that image; striving for a focusing of attention in a non-analytical way.

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