Metaphor and the Art

Metaphor and the Art
Harcourt House Annual Members’ Exhibition + Art Sale

The Main + Art Incubator Galleries. June 20 – July 13, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 22, from 12 pm – 5 pm
Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, 3rd floor, 10215 – 112 St, Edmonton

The exhibition Metaphor and the Art will showcase diverse and compelling approaches to metaphoric language and symbology in contemporary visual culture. Metaphors use symbolism and comparisons to strengthen a point, to evoke a certain emotional state and represent specific ideas or thoughts. Visual metaphors or visual codes may be obvious or abstract, depending on artist’s emotions, ideas, or experiences. The exact meaning behind a metaphor in visual or literary arts depends on the frame of mind and feelings of the artist who created the work of art. Furthermore, many artists apply metaphorical symbols in their works in such a way that pushes the viewer to interpret and de-code the work in many ways. This allows the viewer to become more engaged in the object of art and – in the process – to finally decipher the work’s actual unique characteristics and meaning.

Participating Artists:
Krista Acheson, Giuseppe Albi, Debra Bachman, Bonnie Bigley, Nanette Booth, Richard Borowski, E. Ross Bradley, J. David Burch, Christa Chapman, Carroll Charest, Diana Cline, Father Douglas, Yvonne DuBourdieu, Crystal Fersovich, Julian Forrest, Linda Frena, Ruth-Anne French, Seth Funk, Shane Golby, Edmund Haakonson, Bernard Hippel, Ed Hunt, David Janzen, Russell Joly, Darren Kooyman, Keita Kwame Kankam, Danielle LaBrie, Harvinder Lallh, Betty Lawlor, Bette Lisitza,, Karen McFarlane, Sharon Moore Foster, Elaine Mulder, Ruta Nichol, Tamires Para, Curtis Peterson, Sophia Podryhula-Shaw, Mariam Qureshi, Gordon B. Ramsey, Wanda Resek, Elsa Robinson, David Scott, Yuk Sung, Ben Sures, Robert Thorne, Jun Toyama, Will Truchon, Hilary Hex, Ania Telfer, Keith Turnbull, Yvonne Valdemarca, Ritchie Velthuis, Mary Whale, John Whittingham, Pam Wilman, Darrell Windjack, Sandra Wong, Dani Zyp.

Image: Do You Want…? (detail) by Shane Golby. 2019