In Search of the Human Essence

In Search of the Human Essence: Humankind at the Beginning of the 21stCentury
30thAnnual Harcourt House Members’ Exhibition + Art Sale
The Main + Art Incubator Galleries . June 2 – July 14, 2018
Opening Reception / Harcourt Open House Party: Saturday, June 2, from 12 – 5 pm
Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, 3rd floor, 10215 – 112 St, Edmonton

Complementing The Works Festival’s theme Paradigm, the exhibition discusses several aspects of the human condition at the beginning of the 21st century. This includes: shift in a paradigm of existential philosophy, war conflicts with the massive exodus of civilians, public and individual safety, degradation of communities, environmental/eco system, socio-economical, political and gender-based issues, famine, health, and consumerism, among others.

The works in this exhibition stand as the summary of the voices of individual artists in response to the profound events and experiences that are taking place not only globally, but immediately around us: in our families, neighbourhoods, communities, and within ourselves.  This presentation – using the powerful tool of artistic expression – reflects artists’ concerns as well as examines and documents the critical aspects of the human condition at this pivotal moment in the history of humankind.  The selected works are the striking and well-articulated images in an arsenal of iconographic, philosophical, and conceptual ordnance encompassing a wide gamut of formalistic and stylistic approaches to the theme in a variety of media.

The exhibition In Search of the Human Essence doubles as a fundraiser for Harcourt House Artist Run Centre with 30% of each artwork sold to support Harcourt’s art exhibitions and art education programs.

Jointly curated by Ruta Nichol and Jacek Malec, the exhibition In Search of Human Essence is organized and presented in conjunction with THE WORKS – Festival of Art and Design and the 30thAnniversary of Harcourt House Artist Run Centre.

Participating Artists:
Krista Acheson, Giuseppe Albi, Debra Bachman, Allen Ball, Bonnie Bigley, Karen Blanchet, Ross Bradley, Carolyn Campbell, Carroll Charest, Christa Chapman, Annique Comeau, Catherine Compston, Noreen Crone-Tindlay, Fran Cuyler, Susan Diebel, Father Douglas, Yvonne DuBourdieu, Stephen Ferris, Julian Forrest, Linda Frena, Ranold Funk, Seth Funk, Terry Gregoraschuk, Tim Grieco, Edmund Haakonson, Robert Harpin, Carmella Haykowsky, Bill Hately, Bernanrd Hippel, Natalie Jachyra, Atya Khan, Darren Kooyman, Agnieszka Koziarz, Haruinder Lallh, Betty Lawlor, Jacek Malec, Sharon Moore Foster, Ruta Nichol, Marilyn Nilsson Grabinsky, Sara Norquay, Shannon O’Blenes, Corissa O’Donnell, Curtis Peterson, Helis Podnek, Wanda Reser, Horeczko Rusler, David Scott, Deann Stein-Hasinoff, Yuk Sung, Ben Sures, Ania Telfor, Jun Toyama, Mary Whale, Will Truchon, Keith Turnbull, Ritche Velthuis, John  Whittingham, Wei Wong.


Special thanks to Vestate Moulding for providing hook and nail picture hangers for In Search of the Human Essence.