DRAW 2011


Edmonton’s artist-run centres hosted 4th annual draw event, July 30 2011:

Event: DRAW
Saturday July 30, 2011, 12pm- 12am
At Harcourt House Artist Run Center 12-5pm (10215 112 St.)
SNAP Society of Northern Alberta Print- Artists 12-5pm (10123 121 St.)
and Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture (10248 106 St.)

This July 30th, the fourth annual DRAW event will be taking place across downtown Edmonton. This year’s 12- hour long, collaborative event will be kicking off at Harcourt House and SNAP and will then conclude with an evening party at Latitude 53.

DRAW aims to bring the community together for a full day of fun and excitement at Edmonton’s Artist- Run Centres. Artists (professional, amateur and everyone in between) are encouraged to come out to draw and celebrate!

During the day, come out and join in the fun at Harcourt House! Our doors will be open from 12-5pm for participants to come and visit our main gallery space where we will be hosting life-drawing sessions with two models, one clothed and the other au-naturel. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in group drawing activities such as exquisite corps and will be encouraged to be creative and experiment with different materials and techniques. Drawing materials will be provided.

SNAP will also be hosting their own set of activities also running from 12-5pm which will include a kite making workshop. FAVA will be set up from 8-11pm at Latitude 53’s location. They will be running a scratch- animation workshop. Latitude 53 will then be hosting the evening events from 6pm to 12am where participants will have the opportunity to display their creations on the gallery walls. For those who want to continue on with art- making, there will be collaging and drawing supplies for a mini- collage- a- thon to go on into the night. Also, there will be snacks and a bar, and DJs starting up at 8pm to keep the art – celebration going on into the evening.

Harcourt House is a non-profit, Artist- Run Centre. The main goal of each Artist- Run Centre is to provide a space of creative freedom for art that doesn’t have to be constrained by the market system and art that doesn’t have to depend on consumer sale ability. The majority or Artist- Run Centres are government funded and have a “non- profit” and often “charitable” label because they do not take part in the sales of the artwork that may show in their galleries.

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