Dada Days: June 25th 12-5pm

VUE_Dada Days_July 5,2015Dadaism is an anti-art movement that is said to have come from a group of Swiss poets and artists in the early 1900’s. Dada was a protest against the bourgeoisie ideology of rationality and logic—the very ideology that some believed was a root cause of World War I. Proponents of Dadaism, instead embraced absurdity.

Paradoxically, out of this absurdity, the Dadaist ideology highlighted with new clarity, art’s role in the critique of society. Dadaists critiqued the value of aesthetics by blatantly ignoring them, a move that resulted in works that were perceived as nonsensical. Dadaism’s impact on us today is still felt, most closely in the Surrealist movement.

Join us for drinks, parlour games, and various dada-influenced art activities. And in true Dada fashion, we encourage you to dress in your most absurd outfit. You too can join the movement.