Concurrent Views by Holly Fay

Concurrent Views
by Holly Fay
The Main Gallery . April 26 – June 8, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, April 26, from 7 pm – 10 pm
Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, 3rd floor, 10215 – 112 St, Edmonton

Concurrent Views aims to emphasize the complex interrelations between the compelling patterning and ordering of ecological systems. According to the theories of mathematician Benoit B. Mandelbrot, patterns of structure that are self-similar can be observed over a wide range of dimensions — both macro and micro. Underlying the micro and macro realms of diverse ecological structures are fundamental and unseen physical processes.

My intent is to create visual conceptualizations of these intricate processes. To do so, materials were focused on the non-living factors such as the atmosphere, chemicals, sunlight, temperature, wind, and water currents. In addition, meteorological satellite photos and microscopy images of these systems were used to inform the work.

Drawings and paintings are constructed through repeating various techniques of mark making to create imagery that intentionally oscillates between the representational and the abstract, and by doing so denies a fixed position of scale — suggesting micro and cosmos realms simultaneously to accent the interconnected underpinnings of the natural environment.


Artist’s Biography

Holly Fay received a MFA from the University of Ulster in Belfast, Northern Ireland and a BFA at the University of Regina. Fay’s art practice encompasses painting, drawing and installation, with projects examining the anthropocentric representation of nature in the western tradition of landscape, phenomenology, ideas of place, ecology and natural systems.

Fay’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, has received several Saskatchewan Arts Board grants, and is represented in public collections including the Mackenzie Art Gallery, The Dunlop Art Gallery, the City of Regina, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board.  Holly Fay lives and works in Regina SK.