Art in the Annex: 2011 Auction Debut

We at Harcourt House would like to thank everyone involved with our first annual Art in the Annex. Thanks to you it was a huge success. For a first time event it was a great time and looks like an event that will last into the future. Everyone got a true feel of what our artists do and where they do it. Many people from the neighbourhood came out to see our facility for the first time.

Specifically we must thank our sponsors: The Edmonton Arts Council, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the City of Edmonton, Alley Kat Brewery, Printing Impressions, The Front Gallery and Sherbrooke Liquor Store.

We would be remiss if we did not thank the generous donations of the artists themselves:

Shirley Adams, Allison Argy-Burgess, Allen Ball, Kelly Bashuk, Bonnie Bigley, Kim Blair, Lindsey Bond, Penny Borchers, Helene Boss,Ross Bradley, Barbara Carle-Kowalski, Carolyn Carroll, C.W. Carson, Punita Chohan, Jodi Clarke, Fran Cuyler, Charlene Denton, Ruth-Anne French, Tom Gale, Tony Goobie, Edmund Haakonson, Judy Hamilton, Patrick Jacobs, Philip Jagger, David Janzen, Todd Johnson, Jenny Keith, Beata Kurpinski, James Kwong, Patricia Laing, Sydney Lancaster, Amy Lowen, Mel Mailkin, Neil McClelland, Alex Miemowski, Sharon Moore Foster, Leona Olausen, Harold Pearse, Curtis Peterson, Sophia Podryhula-Shaw, Judy Popham, Jordan Rule, David Shkolny. Robert Sinclair, Janet Smith, Kib Sreng, Virginia Stephen. Chris Stroemich, Keith Turnbull, Patty Vest, Arlene Wasylynchuk, Germaine Wunderly, Marlena Wyman, and Spyder Yardley-Jones.

Also a huge thankyou to all of the tireless volunteers who worked selflessly to make it all come alive. Harcourt could not have any events without our absolutely wonderful volunteers! Included in those ranks of course are our board of directors who all chipped in to help out.

Usually, for reasons unknown to me, the last people who are thanked for these things are the staff themselves. They are the ones who work months ahead behind the scenes to put together all of the details and make sure all the thousands of i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. A special ginormous thanks to Terrena Boss, Marilyn Glenn, and our new arrival Jordan Rule. They are the backbone of everything that happens at Harcourt.

We sincerely hope everyone had a great time and that you are looking forward to our members show on June 23rd. Thanks again and see you next time.

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