2017 Annual General Meeting


c/o Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, 3rd Floor, 10215 – 112 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T5K 1M7


Wednesday May 24, 2017, 7:00 pm at Harcourt House Art Gallery



Dear Members of WECAN Society:

The Board of Directors of Where Edmonton Community Artists Network (WECAN) Society cordially invites you to attend our 2017 Annual General Meeting.


This AGM will be held on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 7:00 pm at Harcourt House Art Gallery located on the 3rd Floor, 10215 – 112 Street NW in Edmonton. Light refreshments will be served.


The agenda for this meeting will include:

  • Presentation of the Review Engagement Report – Financial Statements for 2016;
  • The Annual Reports on the activities of WECAN Society/Harcourt House Artist Run Centre in 2016;
  • Future plans and activities of WECAN Society/Harcourt House;
  • Nominations of new Board members, projected Board expansions, and creation of Committees.


Board Positions Up for Nomination/Ratification/Election:

1. Ruta Nichol President 2. Vacant Vice President
3.Milan Sharma Finance Chair 4. Dalaney LaGrange Secretary
5. Will Truchon Exhibition, Education, Building Chair 6. Mary Elizabeth Archer Member at Large
7. Josée Blouin Member at Large 8. Adam Whitford Member at Large
9. Vacant Member at Large 10. Vacant Member at Large
11. Vacant Member at Large 12. Vacant

Member at Large


Nominations are open until the AGM. Nominations from the floor will be accepted prior to the election during the meeting. If you have a motion you wish to be included in the AGM agenda please drop off your completed “Call for Motions form” by Saturday May 13, 2017. All forms are available online and at the Harcourt House Artist Run Centre office on the 3rd floor during business hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Please find link to the forms here: 2017 AGM proxy/nomination/motion form



The Board of Directors of Where Edmonton Community Artist Network (WECAN) Society encourages you, as a member of WECAN Society, to attend. Your participation is very much appreciated. If you are unable to attend the AGM please drop off your proxy/call for motions/nomination ballot at the office on the third floor or mail to:

Harcourt House Artist Run Centre

3rd floor 10215 – 112 Street

Edmonton, AB T5K 1M7


Ruta Nichol

President of the Board, WECAN Society