Tegan Smith’s The Pharaoh’s Forearm and the King’s Foot July 10 – August 8, 2014

08_TL Smith_Napoleons Foot

The Pharaoh’s Forearm and the King’s Foot is a sculptural group made with found objects and cutout

body contours. Throughout time and in different places, people measured stuff using their body parts. A

tailor would measure a yard of fabric from his nose-tip to the fingers holding the other end of the cloth. The

ancient Egyptian cubit is believed to be the length of the Pharaoh’s forearm. Standardized measurements

are used to compare people. A French foot measured smaller than the English one, leading to the myth of

Napoleon’s shortness. My sculptures show female body parts which are smaller than standardized

Imperial measurements. This measuring enterprise developed from twenty years documenting my body

and habitual activities, including collections of body detritus and a pelt-like map of my made from

measurements one inch apart.

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