Sydney Lancaster’s Installation is All Up!

21st Century Nesting Practices

Statement:  21st Century Nesting Practices is a collection of sculptures that consider the connection and relationship between materials, structures, and notions of stability and security. Although birds are selective in their use of nesting materials, they are also highly adaptable and resourceful creatures. Nest-builders will often use whatever material is available, including bits of plastic – a material that has become synonymous not only with 21st century life (particularly in the more economically secure West), but also with environmental degradation and pollution. These whimsical, fantastical – and totally impractical –  nests point to human use of natural resources and about what we consider appropriate levels of material comfort and security.

Nests installed in various locations in and around Harcourt House and the Harcourt Annex are loosely based on the nesting structures created by African Weavers, Common Sparrows, Bohemian Waxwings, and Herons.


Sydney Lancaster

Harcourt House Artist in Residence for 2011- 2012

Studio: Harcourt House Annex, 112 st and 102 Avenue


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