Front Room Archives: Stacey Cann: Personal Matter, November 2011

October 13 to November 12, 2011

Stacey Cann, Personal Matter (installation detail), 2011

Stacey Cann, Personal Matter (installation detail), 2011

The relationship between objects and people starts very young. These experiences carry on throughout our lives as we collect objects that remind us of important events and memories, even if these objects have no useful value, such as ticket stubs and notes from friends or lovers.

In this project I explore portraiture through the objects in the subject’s homes, creating one hundred images of each person’s belongings. These images in turn become new objects to love, collect or line our houses with. How much of our identity is bound to these objects that we work so hard to acquire?

Tying together ideas of work ethic, materialism and identity, I have created one hundred images of the material possessions of each sitter, building up a portrait through these accumulated images. The quantity of work produced for each portrait and the time invested in each reflects the amount of time taken to acquire these objects. Each portrait has been done over 10 days, where I had spent several hours in the sitter’s home each visit to give me an idea of the character of each sitter.

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