Current Artist in Residence


On behalf of Harcourt House staff, Board of Directors and Harcourt House members we would like to welcome Natalie Jachyra as Artist in Residence for 2017/2018 at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre. We are all looking forward to being apart of Jachyra’s artistic development for the duration of a whole year.

Natalie’s artistic practice centers on how we experience space and the type of encounters we may have within it. Artist is heavily influenced by subjective understandings of space, singular experiences, as well as encounters with others. The driving force behind Natalie’s work stems from the ‘situation’ of a body in contemporary society, with a focus on interactions and experiences in urban space.

For this residency I will be working towards two major goals: The first will be to produce an immersive installation that aims to engage the viewer through physical space and digital media. The Main Gallery space that will house the prospective installation will allow me to finally realize ideas I’ve had to produce a large, immersive installation. To achieve this goal, methodologically speaking, I will begin by working towards establishing a strong concept, crafted by research and formal investigations. For the first half of the residency I will be producing smaller bodies of work through photography, audio, video, and installation. After finding a strong conceptual and formal direction, I will then begin to focus on designing the exhibited installation. In addition to working in media that I am skilled in, I aim to expand my technical and artistic skill by learning how to use arduino, a microcontroller. With arduino I hope to explore the prospective use of interactive components in installation such as light and sound activated by sensors, as well as timer-based sculptural movement, light, and sound.” – Natalie Jachyra

Artist’s Statement

Natalie Jachyra is an emerging artist from Toronto, Canada. Natalie holds a Master’s of Fine Art from the University of Alberta where she presented a body of work titled ‘the companionship of isolation’. She works predominantly in video, audio, and installation and is primarily interested in the ways we experience urban space and the encounters within them. Her current work is thinking about female body experience and phenomenology in relation to her current social environment and physical landscape.

Natalie has participated in various group exhibitions in Canada and abroad. She has recently been published in the Winter/ Spring 2017 ‘Night’ issue from Scapegoat Journal, will be presenting a film and lecture at the International Visual Sociology Conference in Montreal, and will be participating in the Luminous Bodies Residency in Toronto.