Main Gallery Archives: ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE, The Quiet Rebuild Oct 24 to Nov 29


October 24 – November 29, 2013 

Chute has come to see the tremendous potential for art as a way to express mourning, a tool to work through grief and a safe place to explore the meaning of life. Her work addresses hardship, death, life, renewal and resilience.

“’The Quiet Rebuild’ is ‘quiet’ because the process of rebuilding is a long journey. It’s not glamorous. It is not a race. Much of the time, healing is an invisible state. In my experience, art has been a way to express the
inexpressible and my goal is to have captured this inner journey in my work.” – Chute

See more at Alexis Marie’s blog!

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  • November 27, 2013

    Karan Maguire

    I stopped in for a quick look at the latest show at the Harcourt House artist run center and found myself totally engaged with the beautiful, sensitive work of Alexis Marie Chute. I knew it would not be a quick visit. As I looked at the provocative and sensitive photographs I thought about her idea of “The Quiet Rebuild”. Like so many others, I also have been on a personal journey of rebuilding my life after having suffered a massive stroke just over two years ago. Like those pictured in Asexis Marrie’s gallery I have had to redefine hoe I am to go forward and engage in the new opportunities that life affords.

    Alexis Marie’s work also contains an element of undiluted, positive joy and hope. To me her sculptures
    speak of the multitude of small acts it takes to put ones life back together after a tragedy or heartbreaking event. The woodblock assemblages are fragile, yet strong, beautiful works that prove we each have the life force within us to overcome tragedy and flourish.

    Thank you Alexis Marie for sharing your journey.