Front Room Gallery Archives: YAEL BROTMAN, LAY-BY, Oct 24 to Nov 29 2013


Brotman, Airstream, etching on Kurotani paper, foamcore, graphite, adhesive, 17” x 9½” x 7”, 2011.

October 24 – November 29, 2013

Opening Reception Thursday, October 24 from 8 – 10pm

Artist Talks: BROTMAN 7:00pm, CHUTE 7:30pm


“This body of work explores the intersection of documentation with the reconstruction of objects from memory.
Such exploration led to my documenting houses that I have lived in. In the developing of this body of work an overarching
concern informs this exploration: when an artist accesses memory and personal history, a fine line must be negotiated between
sentimentality and criticality. That balancing act lies at the crux of my work.”


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