FRONT ROOM GALLERY ARCHIVES: Keith Doyle & Evann Siebens, IcarusCar, November 2012

Keith Doyle & Evann Siebens, The Inventor Molt, C-print face mounted on aluminum Perspex, 20 x 24, April 2011.

October 18 – November 24, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 18 from 7 -10pm

Artist Talks: DOYLE & KEITH TALK: 6:15pm, LANCASTER TALK: 7:15pm


Front Room Gallery   |   Evann Siebens & Keith Doyle  |   IcarusCar

IcarusCar is a screen-based sculptural installation involving the myth of a flying car. Inspired by the real history of Molt Taylor’s 1949 Aerocar One and the folly of Icarus, an abstract narrative is created with four channels of video and sculptural artifacts from the film.  Using a full-sized 1969 MGB GT and a scale model of the same, the media is set in the rural southern Alberta winter landscape, where an old crumbling barn and long desolate roads provide the place for subject and setting. Nostalgia for another time in history, the relationship between the automobile, the Canadian prairie landscape, and the inventor or artist are all part of the dream to push beyond gravity and use human ingenuity to create something new, to fly…

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