Mini Sculpture Casting Class April 29 & 30 2017

Recreate the star of your production with Drop Mold Making and Glove and Matrix casting techniques.

This two day course will be taught by Andrew McCaffrey and is partnered with The Sculptor’s Association of Alberta. Andrew will share his skills of mold making and production casting. The focus is on the different methods of properly creating a finished piece of small scale sculpture. The class explores the methods of what Andrew calls Drop Mold Making, in which he will show you how to create a one piece, fully cured mold of a finished item, along with a series of exact copies of the item. This class is ideal for recreating items such as miniature fine art sculpture, toys, collectibles, bones, jewellery and any small scale medium in between.

Andrew McCaffrey is an Edmonton based Commercial Arts Sculptor, specializing in the reproduction of small figurines, toys and tools. He has garnered recognition through a roster of miniature portrait figurines he has created in likeness of, and presented to, popular alternative rock artists. He has also sculpted for a stop motion animation children’s television production, Tour de Alberta, and other local organizations.  He has experience working in bronze casting, and has shown work locally and abroad.

Class runs April 29 & 30 from 11am – 5pm

Member $155

Non-Members $175

Materials will be provided

To register please call Timothy Grieco at 780.426.4180 or email

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