Member Show Recap & Photos

First off we’d like to extend a big thanks to everyone and anyone who played a part in our 2012 member show/ Naked show/ BBQ/
open studios/ entertainment! We seriously couldn’t have pulled last night off without you!

Secondly thanks to all who came out to participate in the nights activities, you’re the ones that make our events a blast and last night
was definitely no exception. It was great to see our long time friends come out as well as some new friends come out to support Harcourt House.

Remember that the show is up until July 21st so if you happened to miss last night for whatever reason, please stop by for a look-see.

Here are just a few of the photos that we took last night, we hope you like them!

Photography by Alexandra DesCotes and Abdul Mamoon

Musical entertainment by Rebecca Lappa and Gene Kosowan

 *To be part of our annual member show all you need is to be a member. Call us at 780.426.4180 or email us at for more info.

BBQ pictures

Show pictures

open studio pictures

AIR pictures


Hope you liked the photos!


  • June 22, 2012


    Nice work ladies! — dawn

    • June 29, 2012


      Thanks Dawn! It turned out really well and we’re so glad of the turn out!

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