FRONT ROOM GALLERY ARCHIVES: Marcia Pitch, My Darling Deviants, October 2012

Pitch, Mongrel Group, Mixed Media, 2010.

September 13 – October 13, 2012
Opening Reception Thursday, September 13 7 -10pm
Artist Talks:  PITCH TALK: 6:15pm,  HUDSON TALK: 7:15pm


Front Room Gallery   |   Marcia Pitch   |   My Darling Deviants 

In Pitch’s work she expresses the anxiety she has over the implications of the world’s troubling social and egological changes. She transforms toys and household items that evoke an innocence and playfulness and juxtaposes this by distorting and manipulating them until they produce an uncomfortable quality of repair. These are a representation of the loss of innocence but hold a sense of renewal.

Pitch desribes them as, ‘mended’ but with an odd prescription for renewal.

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