MAIN GALLERY ARCHIVES: Steve de Bruyn, Of/Off (Course), April 2013

Steve de Bruyn, Wood for Pushing, Open Space, 2011


March 7 – April 12, 2013

Opening Reception Thursday, March 7 from 8 – 10pm

Artist Talks:  O’CONNOR: 7:00pm,  DE BRUYN: 7:30pm


Main Gallery   |   Steve de Bruyn   |   Of/Off (Course) 

Steve deBruyn is an artist living and working in London, Ontario, Canada. His main artistic output consists of large-scale installation art. Usually his work is focused around the culture and esthetics of skateboarding. As a 30-something Canadian, he takes into account his rural upbringing and lack of actual skill on the board itself. He also enjoys the traditional skater ethos of building things for free from whatever is available. He has also been known to create book works, paintings, collages and zines. He frequently collaborates with others. He prefers to exhibit in artist run centers and institutional galleries. He is currently working on a series of solo shows across Canada.



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