Mapping Perception, Ourselves and Edmonton!

The first opening of the 2014 exhibition season is upon us. On Thursday, January 23, 2014 please join us between 7 – 10 pm on the third floor of Harcourt House for the presentation of three exhibitions linked by the process of mapping.

The Main Gallery features a photographic portraiture series from Toronto based artist, Clare Samuel. Titled All the World, this exhibition and body of work explores the notion of perception and representation. Each photograph depicts an individual in their domestic setting, with a self drawn map of ‘their world’ in front of them – ‘as though questioning or challenging how much our internal and external worlds correspond’. Samuel will give an artist talk in the gallery on SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 @ 12:30pm


Andy & the World

‘Andy & the World’ (Montreal), Clare Samuels, 2009 – the present, 30x30in c-print.

The Front Room Gallery will host Déjà Vous, an ongoing self portrait project from local MFA student Emilie St.Hilaire. This large scale installation work features samples from the artist’s notepads, journals and sketchbooks. These samples capture moments of struggle, curiosity, inspirations and more.  By removing these small pages and placing them on the walls, St.Hilaire recontextualizes them into a visual map of her personal and artistic development over the past five years.  St.Hilaire will lead an interactive workshop on Saturday January 25, from 1 – 3pm in the gallery.

installation view

Installation view of ‘Deja Vous’, Emilie St.Hilaire

This year we also have a Hallway Project Space, which will feature ongoing project development from local artists and collectives. Starting on January 23 2014The Edmonton Wayfinding Project will take over the hallway space for six months. This initiative has been called ‘a conversation about getting lost and getting found as pedestrians in Edmonton’. The project calls on citizens to engage in a conversation about wayfinding in the city. It is about imagining a better city.

wayfinding minutes

Visual representation of places you can walk to within 5 minutes, 2013, Edmonton Wayfinding Project

Please come explore these exhibitions – each offers a unique experience and perspective on mapping and how it can manifest.

All of our exhibitions and openings are free to attend.

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