Linda Carreiro’s “The Patina of Consonants” March 12- April 14, 2015

Fabrication detail

Linda Carreiro, The patina of consonants
In The Pleasure of the Text, Roland Barthes desires for written words to
have the texture of their spoken counterparts. He imagines “a text where
we can hear the grain of the throat, the patina of consonants, the
voluptuousness of vowels.” Building on this idea, the exhibition explores
text as a sensuous, playful material, where such character emerges.
Revealing the means by which words are fabricated, the exhibition traces
emergent wordplay and the bodily imprint of making. Hand-done letterforms
reveal imperfections and variations, showing text as malleable matter
acted upon by the body. The visual movement of letters throughout the
pieces conveys language as unfixed and manipulable, something formed and
re-formed. Positioned in corners, near the floor or suspended from the
ceiling, reading is experienced in an alternate way. ‘The patina of
consonants’ asks viewers to engage language as both conceptual and
physical material, something embodied, sensate and shifting with each

Linda Carreiro has exhibited her text-based works in solo and group
exhibitions throughout Canada, the United States and Europe, most recently
TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary, and an upcoming show at the Center for
Book Arts in New York City. She has been the recipient of awards from the
Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the
Manitoba Arts Council, as well as numerous research grants from the
University of Calgary, where she is currently an Associate Professor in
the Department of Art.

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