Main Gallery Archives: Kevin Friedrich: Selected Works, October 2011

September 9 to October 7, 2011

Kevin Friedrich, Caution (detail), oil on canvas, 2010

Kevin Friedrich, Caution (detail), oil on canvas, 2010

This body of work takes a slightly dark, yet humorous look at the human condition in response to over-mechanization, and fast-obscelescence. To represent this I have moved away from the over-planned and shifted towards the immediacy of gut impulses which, in my mind, offer up an inherently fresh and honest visual statement.

Elements of prairie life arise with images such as soft landscapes juxtaposed against clumsy, inefficient machines. This reflection of the human condition showcases human vulnerability and often direct ones thoughts inwards. Through distance and life experience my ‘neat little package’ understanding of the world has evolved. Life’s balance of contrasts, are seen in the paradoxes of construction vs. dilapidation, growth vs. deterioration and low tech vs. high tech. A detectable line of progression is not present and instead there is a mish-mash of art history, placement and displacement.

Through many stylistic avenues, such as folk and absurdist art styles, my paintings gives rise to charismatically inconclusive statements that are engaging and highly thought provoking.

Image: Kevin Friedrich, Caution (detail), 60 x 85 in, oil on canvas, 2010

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