Main Gallery Archives: Immony Men: Effections, We need to Talk, August 2011

July 22 to August 27, 2011

Immony Men, We need to Talk, image stills

Immony Men, We need to Talk, image stills

Labor intensity is a strong element in my installation art practice. My primary goal is to touch on everyday personal issues that viewers can relate with. My interest lie in the intimate relationships that exist in these social cycles. The separation between experiment and experience in my work is paper-thin

My recent work is a video installation called, “Effections: We need to talk.” This series of video evokes nostalgia with the depiction of past memories and an actual relationship within a reconstructed domestic space. This installation is drawn from the concept of re-creating physical souvenirs based on domestic spaces. I am materializing memories and writing/producing autobiographical ?ction by authoring characters based on ongoing events and past memories in an attempt to preserve a sense of certainty and security. My main interest is representing the shift of intimacy through objects, media and the bodies that share them.

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