MAIN GALLERY ARCHIVE: Illuminate: Round 2, July 20-25 2013


Illuminate was originally created to shine some light on what the local art centres offer for the surrounding community and to get more people involved and aware of who we are. This summer we are working in collaboration with four other art centres including: FAVA, Guru Digital Arts, the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, and E4C.

This year, we are also introducing Pop-Up Illuminate; a week long exhibition showcasing light-based art. This show will be in the Main Gallery and will be on display until July 25.

From 12:00-5:00pm participants will have the opportunity to create a small and individualized light box, and add to a group mural while experimenting with colour and shadow on an overhead projector. FAVA will be hosting a scratch film workshop in the annex and in the evening all the activities will come together to complete the exhibition in the gallery space.

From 5:00-8:00pm you will have the chance to mingle and view the crafts that have gone on during the day, as well as several light-based projects from local artists and some live music. Finger food and light drinks will also be available during the evening to keep everyone refreshed.


POP-UP ILLUMINATE will feature work in the main gallery by Danielle Jenson. Jensen is a local artist that recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a focus on Sculpture. She has since been making videos and installations based on light and space. Please read more below about the work she will be showing for ILLUMINATE.

This exhibition runs from July 20th – 25th. Regular gallery hours. Closed Sundays.


I began using artificial light sources as a subject in my videos and installations when I had the need to
fully submerge a viewer in an experiential environment. Because of the nature of projections
themselves I had a stepping stone for the idea of accentuating the presence of the light. This also led me
to the idea of swapping natural light with artificial, so instead of sunlight peering through the blinds, it
was a flickering light bulb.

The immersive environment that I began creating was one that included the viewer yet prevented them
from entering the setting. It became a space of constant in between. Light is something you feel and see
but never touch. The visualization of the spaces and the light became a metaphor for the installation; a
virtual purgatory. It formed an environment filled with anticipation and expectation that also subdued
you and prevented any progression.

Danielle Jenson

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