Have some fun with Art & Mind

If you were to stop by Harcourt House on a Tuesday night at 5:30 you could expect to see not only art, but also a group of yoga and art enthusiasts unrolling their mats alongside the paintings, sculptures, installations or projections that happen to be in the gallery that month.

You could say why… but we say why not? It’s a great way for people to view the artwork, and interact with it.  Before the class starts, participants are encouraged to take in the exhibition. Staff is on hand to answer any questions or enquiries.

It’s great to hear participants discuss the artwork while they wait for 5:30 to hit. Instead of the usual silence that fills a room before a yoga class begins, at Art & Mind participants discuss their thoughts on the artwork as they unroll their mats.

Art & Mind, yoga instructor Meri is a great example of how yoga and art can be such a great combination. She creatively lets the exhibits play a part in how she instructs her Tuesday night Yin Classes.

This month’s exhibition, Of/Off course by Steve de Bruyn is a perfect example of how an exhibition can have influence over a class physically and mentally.

Physically, because the gallery floor is taken over by two large installation pieces, participants are encouraged to set their mats up alongside the pieces instead of lining them up in an organized row.

Mentally, because the exhibit is so lively and bright, it’s a great atmosphere to be in to escape the wind and snow. The energy that de Bruyn has created with pieces is very present during a class.

Please visit the Art & Mind website HERE if you’d like to find out more about Yoga in the Gallery!



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