Harcourt House Celebrates 25 Years with a New Image

Harcourt House Celebrates 25 Years with a New Image

Being a gallery that promotes contemporary visual culture, we felt that it was time to update our own visual identity.
For this to happen it was necessary to modify our logo. Although it has changed quite a bit from what it was, the structure
is still the same.

The two “H’s” from Harcourt House’s previous logo remain as the graphic but have been joined together to form a 3-dimensional
structure.  It has the resemblance of a building’s supportive frame, which speaks to what the gallery is. One of Harcourt House’s
main integrities is to be a place that supports artists and emerging artists alike. Through our gallery space, artist studios, Artist
in Residence program and educational programs Harcourt House has created a supportive environment for artists to grow
their art practices.

The gallery decided on red as the logo’s colour not only because it stands out but because it is affiliated with strong-willed
drive and persistence. Some other words that are associated with the colour red are: action, confidence, energizing, courageous,
strong and determined. These are ideals that we would like to associate and inspire in the Harcourt House community.

Although the logo and staff have changed over the years, Harcourt House Artist Run Centre has remained as a constant
in the Edmonton art community since it’s opening in 1987. We hope that the new logo is well received and that it gives
us a resurgence to move forward as an important factor of Edmonton’s art community.

For any questions please call us at 780.426.4180 or email us at harcourthouse@shaw.ca

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