Emilie St.Hilaire, Deja Vous, Front Room Gallery, Jan 23 – Feb 28 2014


Opening January 23, 2014 – the Front Room Gallery will host Déjà Vous, an ongoing self portrait project from local MFA student Emilie St.Hilaire.

This large scale installation work features samples from the artist’s notepads, journals and sketchbooks. These samples capture moments of struggle, curiosity, inspirations and more.  By removing these small pages and placing them on the walls, St.Hilaire recontextualizes them into a visual map of her personal and artistic development over the past five years. There will also be an interactive component to Déjà Vous, Emilie will be creating a participatory art piece called ‘A la carte’ which she will introduce the Saturday after the opening, via a free public workshop.


Workshop:  A la Carte –  (#dejavous)

St.Hilaire will lead an interactive workshop on Saturday January 25, from 1 – 3pm in the gallery. Starting with specific phrases or images from St.Hilaire’s collection, participants are invited to contribute their own words and images to an expansive collection displayed on a large table in the gallery. Like a puzzle worked and re-worked over the course of the exhibition, the shape and content of this collaborative piece will evolve over the course of the exhibition as viewers interact with it and one another.

Date: January 25, 2014 from 1 -3pm

Location: 3rd Floor Gallery, Harcourt House

This workshop is free

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