Edmonton Wayfinding Project, Jan 23 – Feb 28 2014

wayfinding minutes

This year we are introducing a new Hallway Project Space, which will feature ongoing project development from local artists and collectives.

Starting on January 23 2014The Edmonton Wayfinding Project will take over the hallway space. This initiative has been called ‘a conversation about getting lost and getting found as pedestrians in Edmonton’. It is a chat about our city, how we navigate it, how we make places in it and how we codify this for all citizens so that they will find the city more legible and thus less threatening to explore. The project is calling on citizens to engage with us in a conversation about wayfinding in the city. This conversation at its core is about conceiving of a city for a pedestrian rather than as for a motorist. It is about imagining a better city.

Here at Harcourt we are really excited to be introducing our project space and fantastic first initiative. Please come by the gallery Thursday, January 23 2014, between  7 – 10 pm for our opening reception – it will be a great chance to meet the project team members!

Also, keep your eyes open for a ‘presentation/workshop’ announcement to follow!

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