MAIN GALLERY ARCHIVES: Marie de Sousa, IN MATERIAL, January 2013

de Sousa, Stack, insulation foam,glue & acrylic paint, 15”x16”x14”, 2010/11

December 6 – January 18, 2013

Opening Reception & Artist Talks: Thursday, December 6 from 8-10pm

Artist Talks: de SOUSA TALK: 7:00pm, HARDEMAN TALK: 7:30pm

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De Sousa’s work revolves around elemental themes. Her interest lies in the passing of time. Currently, De Sousa is using the contents of her father’s and brother’s wardrobes (both passed away) as source material and medium.   Some items are documented or consumed in a way, “Stack” (# 11,12) for example, is a life-size replica sculpted entirely of insulation foam.  The original clothes are then shredded and fed through sausage casing to produce a long continuous line to create a three dimensional drawing of sorts. The 3D drawing will be suspended in midair like a massive cloud, Other articles are reworked and transformed.

She is interested in these garments for their associations as artifacts of lives lived and time passed. De Sousa feels that the every day takes on a symbolic weight that it didn’t have before.  Clothing caries memories of times past and she uses different materials that have a significance for her to reflect these memories.

Words from the artist, “Clothing can continue to expose bits of its story long after the person is gone – stains kept in check with regular washing while the person lived reemerge over time.” De Sousa.

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