FRONT ROOM GALLERY ARCHIVES: Corey Hardeman, Rooted, January 2013

Hardeman, Fox 30″ x 36″ oil on canvas, 2011.

December 6 – January 18, 2013

Opening Reception & Artist Talks: Thursday, December 6 from 8-10pm

Artist Talks: de SOUSA TALK: 7:00pm, HARDEMAN TALK: 7:30pm


Front Room Gallery   |   Corey Jennifer Hardeman   |   Rooted

Hardeman’s detailed oil paintings convey the fragility of a fleeting instant and the narrative of a stilled moment. Many of these pieces originate with animals found by the side of the road, and represent an overtly sentimental wish for safe passage.  She is interested in focusing in on the small lives that surround her, which lend context to my exploration of my relationship with my own species and with the planet. Her paintings are documents, intended to examine and to better understand the place that she calls home.


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