FRONT ROOM GALLERY ARCHIVES: KARINA BERGMANS, Ligaments and Ligatures, September 2013


WEB-12 KBergmans 2011 Lungs

Lungspneumoultra…, Scrap silk wedding dress pieces, silk, interfacing, wire, velcro, rope, Wall sculpture, 51” x 60” x 6”, 2011.


Opening Reception: Thursday, August 22nd from 7 – 9pm

Artist Talk @ 7:00pm: BERGMANS

FRONT ROOM GALLERY  |  KARINA BERGMANS |  Ligaments and Ligatures

As a multi-disciplinary Karina Bergmans works in sculpture, installation and public art and public interventions. This exhibit will engage members of the medical and science communities and explore the dynamic relationship between artists and scientists. This exhibition will reach a cross disciplinary audience through the merging art, sculpture, language and medical research.


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