SAA Gesture Sculpture Workshop Saturday Jan 6, 2018

Gesture Sculpture Workshop – Presented by the Sculptors’ Association of Alberta

Saturday January 6, 2018 from 10am – 4pm
w/Herman H. Poulin
Members: $70
Non Members: $75

Please contact Helen Rogers for registration.  PH: 780-458-0242 or

A gesture is a form of non-verbal or non-vocal communication in which a visible bodily action communicates particular messages in place of speech. This workshop offers the basic construction of the human body in all its postures and movements. The masses, proportions and extensions of the body are examined as gestures, emotions and expressions. Sculpture medium used is tinfoil.

The workshop is divided into seven segments:

Intro – Basic Concept of the human body – Secondary Muscle Group Modelling and Draping – Finishes – Presentation – 3S study

Students must be on time and attend the intro segment in order to take the course.

Herman H. Poulin was born in Quebec and has been an Alberta Resident since 1953. He attended College of Art, Red Deer College Summer Series, and Scottsdale Artist School. He has established Hub Designs of St. Paul Alberta, and has created 13 monumental achievements including life sized casts in bronze.

Image courtesy of the SAA

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